One on One focused TRAINING!

Welcome to Lash Studio –  Eyelash Extensions Training Course!  Our specialty  is in the art of Eyelash Extensions.

We offer a “one-on-one” training course where you will be given the attention needed to understand of all aspects and techniques of lash extensions.   We provide interactive, intensive and effective training– allowing technicians to build strong foundations from where they can continue to develop their skills.

Our training courses are designed so that anyone and everyone would have the opportunity to learn and grow in an ever changing, competitive market. Whether it be expanding on current knowledge, new techniques, speed or even guidance, we want to be there, motivating lash technicians to grow and advance in any way possible.

Our training course is designed to build the foundations of lash application and technique.

The training course includes:

  • Beginner Lash Kit
  • Introduction to eyes & eyelash knowledge
  • Safety and hygiene practices
  • Eye shapes and lash types
  • Lash consulting and delivering 100% client satisfaction
  • Removal
  • Pre and post care to ensure quality is controlled
  • Follow up support


Girls in training

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