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Lash lift Training

Welcome to LashStudio! We are offering a one-to-one lash lifting course.


Lash lifting is becoming the new hottest style in the eyelash business.

This training course offers techniques which will allow you to offer to your client by lifting their natural lashes lasting up to 6 weeks!

This style of eyelash technique is most suited to those who find that eyelash extensions is not for them due to the tendency of rubbing the eye area, and those who spend a lot of their time outdoors inducing sweat around the eye area.

Lash lifting requires accurate precision and there are small hidden tips to be able to achieve the perfect curled lift.

Our session will offer you with the introduction of our products, how to consult with your client, understanding of the elusive eye area, and how to maintain them after the treatment.

Our course is designed in which you will improve your confidence and marketability, carefully guiding you through the different techniques.


The training course includes:

  • Beginner lash lift kit
  • Introduction to eyes & eyelash knowledge
  • Safety and Hygiene Practices
  • Lash consulting and delivering 100% client satisfaction
  • Pre and post care to ensure quality is controlled
  • Follow up support